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A private practice for the well being and care of the body and spirit through the art of Esthetics and Energy work. This includes Skin Care Therapy, Hair Removal, Relaxation Therapy, Energy Healing Meditation, and Clairvoyant Reading.

“I really want to express how significant our meeting in August was for me and how it truly changed my life for the better. You unveiled a strength that was hiding within me, and with your guidance (especially with grounding my feet, having me say my given name out loud, and stating “I will not” versus “I Can not”). Because of that, I was strong enough to make a decision that day and walk away from a very toxic relationship. Life has been even more beautiful and continues to amaze me, ever since then.”
~ Thankful Client


Beauty & Soul is currently the private practice of
Leticia Kagan. Leticia is an Artist, a Healer, a certified Massage Therapist and a certified and licensed Esthetician...

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