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A private space for the care and well being of the body and spirit through the practice of Natural Skin Care; Facials and Waxing, and Healing Arts; Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading, and Meditation.

“A monthly Waxing and Facial Therapy feels like a ritual experience shared with a friend who is attentive, kind, and respectful. We share, we laugh, and even cry on the occasion when life brings us the “gift of tears”. I’m grateful to have the support and I know it’s a mutual feeling.”

“As I go through my life, other people’s energy can get stuck to me. A haze of desires, expectations, trauma, emotions, and need clouds my mind as I move through spheres of work, social life, and home. This causes me to lose perspective on my self, my body, and my power. Leticia uses energy to ground me to my body, my chakras, and the earth, gently dismissing the energy build-up. Energy that doesn’t belong to me but that has burrowed into my heart is redirected to the earth or released to its owner. After a healing, I feel embodied and emboldened as the one who chooses for myself, who is queen of my own experience, and who listens for my true path. These healing’s enable me to live, feel, and create more presently. This energy work un-muffles my song in the world, better equipping me to raise the vibrations of others.”


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Beauty & Soul is currently the private practice of
Leticia Kagan. Leticia is an Artist, a Healer and a certified and licensed Esthetician...

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