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Relaxation Therapy
Because we are not simple flesh and bone.

Relaxation Therapy is the opportunity to give your body and spirit a treatment that will help you to reconnect and embrace the human experience. In Relaxation Therapy, we take time to understand you by utilizing Meditation, Intuitive Reading, and Energy Healing through the study of the Chakra system. This will help you understand and heal the Energy system of your body and spirit.

Skin Care Therapy
The skin is the largest organ of the body.

The skin is a major organ that reflects every aspect of the body system. It is vital to care for our skin through good nourishment and self care. A Facial at Beauty & Soul is unique to each guest. We consult with our guest and then use our intuition and experience to suggest the best form of treatment. We give particular attention to the face, because it holds the most sensory receptors through which we are able to induce deep relaxation.

Beauty & Soul offers the very best in natural skin care products. Our Esthetician is educated in protocol and certified to offer these special treatments. For more information on each product line, please reference their website.

Dr.Hauschka http://drhauschka.com/

Hair Removal Therapy
What!? Hair removal a therapy!?

At Beauty & Soul we say YES! Hair removal can be a very uplifting experience. Pain before pleasure. Hair removal can help you feel more confident and clean after each treatment. We are here to consult, comfort, and provide this service with efficiency and thoroughness.