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Transparency: Promise & Purpose

By admin

For Me, Winter 2019 has been a time to rest, recoup, and reflect on what is working and what needs improvement.  I feel a need for transparency.

It is an “Industry standard”, and some think a “common courtesy”, to give gratuity for a service.  I feel concern when a Practitioner, or a person working in service, “Must” rely on this gratis to supplement their income in order to make ends meet.   

In My private practice, at Beauty & Soul, I promise to ask for what is needed in order to support the best possible Treatment for both patron and practitioner. This way, payment rendered reflects the true cost of the service and gratuity could, once again, be completely unnecessary and deeply appreciated; accepted with an open heart and open hands as a gift that could and will improve the quality of life for both the receiver and giver towards a higher purpose ~

~ To Share Energy in a kind and generous Spirit;  In the form of words, hugs, culinary delights, monetary gifts, and a return visit.  

I welcome the opportunity.

Yours, L.